Musky Riders ATV Club Request

We have had a request by the Boulder Junction Musky Riders ATV Club to email their town board members.

If the Boulder Junction Town Board approves opening a route on town roads to get out of town, we would have the opportunity to get access to Boulder Junction. If this happens they would connect to the Northern Highland Forest. How great would it be to add Boulder Junction to our list of destinations.

At the last Boulder Junction town board meeting, the board stated that they have been receiving a lot of mail both pro and con in regards to opening up the roads. We need every Lakeland ATV/UTV club member and sponsor to take a few minutes to write an email to the Boulder Junction Town Chairman and copy the two Supervisors, letting them know how great it would be to visit their town on an ATV or UTV.

Town Chairman:



Boulder Junction would be an excellent destination for a club ride in 2018.