A temporary route/trail opened on Saturday morning September 7, 2019 to connect Woodruff to Lake Tomahawk. The use of this route/trail has been granted by the DNR and the town of Woodruff. The RR grade from Gritzmachen Rd to Lake Tomahawk is closed to ATV/UTV use and is signed as such. When in Lake Tomahawk you can only park in the municipal parking area. You can not cross Hwy 47. It is only a short walk to the businesses. There is a trailer parking area just south of the municipal parking area, look for the signs. There is only parking on one side of the road.


At the intersection of Rudolph Road, County Hwy J and Woodruff road in the township of Woodruff, go south on Woodruff Road to the intersection of Woodruff Road and Hwy 47.

Go left onto the railroad bed, which runs parallel with Hwy 47. This is a marked ATV/UTV trail.

Follow the railroad bed to Gritzmachen Road, turn left on Gritzmachen Road, follow Gritzmachen Road to Hasbrook Drive.

Go right on Hasbrook Drive, follow Hasbrook to Miller Lake Lane.

Go right on Miller Lake Lane to snowmobile trail 17/47, turn left on snowmobile trail 17/47 and follow it to the public parking area in Lake Tomahawk.

These routes/trails are very well marked. Please stay on these routes/trails. These routes/trails are a privilege given to the ATV/UTV community for temporary use by the town of Woodruff and the DNR. Please do not abuse the privilege. We are hoping by early next season this connector from Woodruff to Lake Tomahawk will be a route/trail on state lands not on black top.

When you turn onto the 17/47 trail you are leaving the Lakeland ATV Club routes/trails and entering into the Lake Tomahawk ATV Club trails. 

For questions on the Lake Tomahawk trails/routes, call Troy Kulick at 715-892-2210.